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Based On Honesty And Trustworthiness

Brief Introduction

Relying on nearly 20 years of power supply R&D and production experience, deeply engaged in R&D and innovation, we are focusing on the design, production, after sale service and marketing of electric vehicle charging system and onboard charging system.
Dilong New Energy Technology is certified by IATF 16949:2016. Strong R&D team and unmatched vertical integration enable us to be fast, flexible and efficient when providing different solutions to our customers.Having worked with more than 170 EV manufacturers for over ten years, Dilong New Energy Technology has always been at the heart of OBC and DCDC development, right from the start. 
Whether for ready made products or custom made solutions, Safe, reliable and well developed electronics to meet international standards and requirements. R&D team consists of experts and engineers with rich experience in the field of power supply. Strive to be the pioneers of power supply industry for Created in China. 

Apply high voltage full brick technology(proprietary intellectual property rights) to DC-DC converter, and products are validated with high reliability and stable quality, won the trust from EV manufactures. As for onboard charger, we adopt LLC resonance technology, fully digital control technology, cooling method is liquid cooling or air cooling, with longer fault free operation time, higher power density and power factor. We are distinguished from others by our deep industry insight and technology expertise.

CEO of Dilong group is committee member of Parliamentary Committee.

Driven By Innovation And Development

Development Vision

Dilong Group was founded in the late 1990s and formally registered in 2002. In year 2007, responsing to EV policy and trend, Dilong stepped into EV industry. With fully automated mounting and welding process, fully automated testing, aging and other processes, we can meet the monthly production capacity of 100,000 sets.
Dilong group is mainly dominated by two branches: industrial power supply modules and electric vehicle onboard power supply. The products are widely used in fields of industry, automobile, railway, electric power, medical, military, aerospace, coal mining and communication.
Supported by experienced engineers, we have independent research and development of high-voltage DC200-450V input and 50 -185V input, low-voltage DC5, 12, 24, 48V output and other international standard half brick 200W product, full brick 1000W product and large full brick 1500W series products have certain advantages over the domestic industry, in the forefront of the international industry level.
Dilong group is highly recognized and trusted by customers for its innovative R&D technology, excellent manufacturing capability and perfect service system. It aims to become a world-class high-quality supplier of on-board power supply equipment and system solutions. With its continuous innovation and iteration ability, Dilong group is dedicated to the new era of intelligent transportation and leads the new future of EV industry.

Based On Customer Satisfaction

Service Certification

Dilong group has established a strict quality management system in accordance with IATF:16949. Products are certified by CE-EMC,CE-LVD,RoHS, GJB9001A-2009,GJB/Z9001A-2001 and YD/T1376-2005.
Independent research and development ERP+CRM management system enables the gurantee for traceability and quality control scientifically.
Let’s cooperate and powering the future of electric vehicles.