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Brand Story

Founder of Dilong Technology stepped into electronic field in the 1990’s and that is a time electronic industry gained the support of goverment. But the key technology and parts rely on importing from foreign countries.

To break the technology monopoly, founder of Dilong Technology went to study abroad with chief engineers, and finally reached Strategic Cooperation with a foreign power supply manufacture. After getting some progress, team of Dilong Technology combined technology and research results, and came up with a new model. After testing, research and upgrading, this new model acquired the approbation of market, that is how Dilong Technology came from.

Focusing on research and development, this is the consistant rule we conform.

As an advocate and practitioner of the green new energy industry, the CEO of Dilong Group cares about people’s livelihood and people’s sentiments, and has been elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for many years.

Competitive Edge

Strong R&D team and unmatched vertical integraion enable us to be fast, flexible and efficient when providing different solutions to our customers.


Wide range of products:800 standard product with 8,000 models;

Offer service of custom made and OEM;

One Stop Shopping & Total solution.


IATF16949:2016 quality management system

100% quality control(QE,IQC,IPQC,PQA,QA) and complete testing process(Q1~Q5)

Quality indicators with high reliability and low defect rate:decline 10% a yearly


Dilong culture


Products quality and service of first class

Leading supplier of professional power supply
Core Competence

Advanced technology, superior service, good teamwork and super executive ability

Core Competence
Staff Quality

Full of innovation and passion

Staff Quality
Culture Idea

Down to earth, adhere to innovation and provide customers with first-class products and services

Culture Idea