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Excellent employees and managers in 2020

In the year of 2020, Dilong group,selected by various departments and decided by the company, award the following employees as "excellent employees and excellent managers in 2020", as follows:
1、 Excellent staff of the Department:
Manufacturing center
Gong Jianbo, Fu Yongqian, Cao Guifang, Wan Liyun

Pilot test center
Daili,Ma Linhe

R & D Center
Wang Dahai,Wu Shuhui

Quality control center
Lu penglian

Marketing Center
Zhang Yanfeng

Administration center
Feng Jia

2、Excellent employees of the company:
Zhang Yanfeng, Wan Liyun, Daili

3、Excellent managers of the company:

Liu Jianwei, Bai Xiaokang

2020 excellent employees of the Department

2020 outstanding employees

Excellent managers of 2020 company