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Dilong on-board charger supports Type1 and Type2

In recent years, the number of electric vehicle charging piles keeps growing. We will constantly see and hear Type1, Type2 and Type3 charging piles in various information.

These different types of charging piles can be confusing to non-professionals, so this article explains the differences in detail.

Types of electric vehicle charging piles

There are three types or levels of electric vehicle charging stations, namely Type 1, type 2 and Type 3. Type 1 is the slowest to charge, while Type 3 takes about an hour to charge.

Type1 Charging pile: wall type AC pile

Type 1 charging pile is an ordinary wall mounted electrical outlet that provides AC power.

When the EV is charged through the Type 1 charging pile, it needs to be converted from AC to DC by the on-board charger installed in the car to adapt to the DC voltage and current required by the power battery.

Type 1 charging piles are also called "single-phase" plugs due to their small output power range, usually between 1 and 7.5kW, which takes a long time to charge electric vehicles.

This type of charging pile is usually installed in the community or underground garage, which is convenient for electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle users to charge at home.

Currently, most electric passenger cars are equipped with onboard chargers and cable plugs that allow them to be charged using Type 1 charging piles.

Type2 Charging pile: public AC charging pile

Type 2 charging pile also uses AC power, which increases the charging speed due to its increased output power, and single-phase AC power and three-phase AC power can be used, which is 5-7 times faster than type 1 charging pile.

When the Type 2 charging pile charges the electric vehicle, the on-board charger also needs to convert the input alternating current into direct current suitable for the voltage and current of the power battery.

This type of charging post can also be installed at home, but is more expensive than Type 1 charging post, depending on whether the local grid factors support installation.

Type3 Charging pile: DC public charging pile

Type 3 charging pile, also known as DC quick charging pile, can recharge electric vehicles quickly. Because its output is direct current, it can directly charge the power battery without the need for conversion by the on-board charger.

The Type 3 charging pile can make the electric charge of electric vehicles reach about 80% in about half an hour. Although it still takes longer than the refueling time of traditional cars, it is the best choice for electric vehicles to recharge during long-distance trips.

Due to its large size, this type of charging pile is usually fixed in public places and used as commercial charging piles, such as parking lots, motorway service areas and on both sides of roads.

As a supplier that has been deeply engaged in the field of vehicle-mounted charger for more than ten years, Dillon New Energy is committed to solving the charging problem of electric vehicles and creating high-performance vehicle-mounted chargers to meet the needs of users to use Type 1 and Type 2 charging stations to charge cars.

Dillon New Energy focuses on the research and development, production and sales of high voltage power supply systems in vehicles. At present, it has formed a rich product matrix, which mainly includes the on-board charger (OBC), on-board DC/DC converter, and on-board power supply integrated products.

Based on the insight of the downstream market, the company constantly subdivides the needs and creates them. The on-board power supply products have been mass-produced to meet the multi-level needs of domestic and foreign customers for different power, different specifications and integration requirements.

Among them, 11kW, 22kW, 40kW power products can reduce charging time, relieve consumers' charging anxiety, single-three-phase compatibility can also adapt to a variety of charging scenarios and global power grid, product layout is comprehensive and rich.

In the increasingly competitive on-board power supply industry, the company's customer base has covered more than 400 auto companies worldwide, and the customer scale is still increasing.

The company has established a solid cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign manufacturers, including BAIC New Energy, Changan Automobile, Chery Automobile, Borgwarner, Weibast, Volvo...... And many other enterprises.

As we all know, the electric vehicle and on-board power supply industry is at a node of rapid development, with huge room for growth.

Dillon New Energy continues to promote the digitization, modularization, intellectualization and high efficiency of products, and constantly research and develop new technologies and high-quality products in line with market demands to promote the development of our electric vehicle industry.