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How to charge the low-voltage battery of ev car

With the continuous development and progress of technology, electric vehicles are more and more acceptable to the public, and begin to enter thousands of households, and be known and used by users.

However, many owners do not understand the internal structure and the function of each system. For example, as we mentioned , "How to charge the low-voltage battery on the electric vehicle? ', many owners friends are not very understand.

As we all know, the battery charging on the traditional fuel vehicle is that when the engine is in normal operation, the engine flywheel drives the generator to generate electricity through the belt, and then completes the battery charging, as shown in the figure below.

However, electric vehicles are different from traditional fuel vehicles in that they have two systems of high-voltage power battery and low-voltage battery. High voltage power battery is mainly used to drive the motor operation, driving vehicles; And low-voltage batteries are usually used to power low-voltage electrical equipment in automobiles, such as electric Windows, lights, wipers, multimedia, dashboards and so on. When we use various charging piles to charge electric vehicles, we are only charging the high-voltage power battery of the car, and many of us do not know where the low-voltage battery energy supplement comes from and what kind of equipment is used to charge the battery.

On the electric vehicle, the electric energy supplement of the low-voltage battery comes from the high-voltage power battery. Because the power battery outputs high-voltage direct current, it can not directly charge the low-voltage battery, so it needs to be depressurized through the DC/DC converter. The voltage for storing electric energy in the high-voltage power battery of electric vehicle is generally up to 200V-800V, which cannot directly meet the requirements of low-voltage electrical equipment (dashboard, multimedia, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to step-down equipment DC/DC converter to participate in the work, its function is to convert the high-voltage DC from the power battery to low-voltage DC (12V, 24V or 48V), to provide electric energy for the vehicle low-voltage electrical equipment and charge the low-voltage battery.

We can simply understand that the DC/DC converter replaces the generator on the conventional fuel car, while the power battery and motor replace the fuel and engine.

When the electric vehicle starts, the low voltage battery is needed to supply power to the low voltage system such as each controller of the vehicle. After starting, the DC/DC converter will also start and output current to the low voltage system and low voltage battery of the vehicle. Therefore, there are two low-voltage power sources on electric vehicles, low-voltage battery and DC/DC converter.

In the process of vehicle running, the DC/DC converter is generally used to power the low-voltage system of the vehicle and charge the low-voltage battery at the same time. When the vehicle is not started, the low voltage battery is needed to supply power to the low voltage system of the vehicle.

It can be seen that DC/DC converter is an important part in the application of electric vehicles, and it is the core component of realizing electric energy conversion. Therefore, in addition to high conversion efficiency, this component also needs to meet the requirements of reliable stability and safety to ensure the safe and stable operation of the vehicle. In our country, DC/DC converter is mainly developed and produced by third-party manufacturers and then provided to electric vehicle complete vehicle plant. For example, Dilong New Energy Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that focuses on R&D, production and sales of on-board DC/DC converters, on-board chargers (OBC) and on-board power integrated products.

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