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Introduction of Dilong's On-board chargers

At present,Dilong New Energy Company mainly provides a comprehensive overall solution of onboard power supply for new energy vehicles .  Products include on-board DCDC converters, on-board chargers, and 2 in 1 combo, 3 in 1 combo, and 4 in1 on-board integrated chargers.

Our company onboard power supplies are widely used in various fields of new energy vehicles such as mid-to-high-end pure electric cars, hybrid cars, pure electric commercial vehicles, pure electric buses, and high-end electric construction machinery vehicles.

picture : Dilong 1.5KW car DCDC converter

Compared with traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles have three core components, namely:

"Battery" assembly: refers to the battery and battery management system;

"Motor" assembly: refers to the motor and motor controller;

High-voltage "electronic control" assembly: including on-board DCDC converter, on-board charger, electric air conditioner, PTC, high-voltage distribution box and other high-voltage components, the main components are on-board DCDC converter and on-board charger.

The company mainly produces on-board power supply products in the high-voltage "assembly" of new energy vehicles. Including on-board DCDC converters, on-board chargers, and on-board power supply integration products centered on on-board DCDC converters and on-board chargers。The main products are introduced as follows:

on-board DCDC converters

The function of the on-board DCDC converter is to convert the high-voltage DC output from the power battery into 12V, 24V, 48V and other low-voltage DC, which are used for the instrument panel, lights, wipers, air conditioners, audio, electric steering, ABS, engine control, airbags, etc. Low-voltage electrical equipment and various types of controllers provide electrical energy.

 picture: Dilong liquid-cooled vehicle DCDC converter

At present, the on-board DCDC converters developed by Dilong New Energy Company have covered self-cooling, liquid-cooling, integrated, passenger car-specific and other types of products. The product voltage input range is 9V-950V (subdivided into 21 models); Class 14V/28V/48V/72V/150V/300V; single output power covers hundreds of watts to several kilowatts.

On-board charge

The on-board charger refers to the charger that is fixedly installed on the new energy vehicle. Its function is to provide data based on the battery management system to convert civil single-phase AC (220V) or industrial three-phase AC (380V) into power batteries that can be used. DC voltage to charge the new energy vehicle power battery.

picture: Dilong on-board charger

At present, the on-board chargers developed by Dilong New Energy Company cover liquid-cooled, air-cooled, integrated and other types of products. The input voltage of the product: single-phase AC for civil use (220V) or three-phase AC for industrial use (380V); :output voltage: 20V-950V; the output power of a single machine covers two kilowatts to dozens of kilowatts.

Vehicle power integrated products

Vehicle power supply integration products refer to the customized vehicle power supply series products provided after comprehensive integration of onboard DCDC converters, onboard chargers, motor controllers, high-voltage distribution boxes and other components according to the requirements of OEM.

Onboard power supply integration products reduce the occupied space and the number of core component suppliers, simplify vehicle wiring design, and improve vehicle development efficiency and quality management.

 picture : Dilong three-in-one liquid-cooled vehicle integrated machine

At present, the on-board power supply integrated products developed by Dilong New Energy Company cover two-in-one, three-in-one, four-in-one and other types. Box, onboard DCDC converter + onboard charger + high voltage distribution box + high voltage acquisition box and other integrated combinations

As one of the core components of pure electric vehicles, the on-board power supply should also meet the national quality assurance commitment for the core components of new energy vehicles.

At present, the internationally accepted IATF16949:2016 technical specification puts forward strict restrictions on the entire automobile plant and its direct parts manufacturers. Only the entire automobile plant and its direct parts manufacturers related to the production of automobiles can obtain IATF16949:2016 certification registration, and the manufacturer must have at least 12 consecutive months of production , quality management records and the full record, it includes internal reviews and management reviews.

Dilong New Energy company has passed the IATF16949:2016 certification and is a strong leader in the market of new energy vehicle on-board power products.