DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage System


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DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage System

Jun 08,2024 | Dilong Charger

Recently, Dilong New Energy introduced a high-power DC/DC converter with an output power of 12kW. The model of the converter is DE12KS32A-560S400CA, which can be used in photovoltaic energy storage systems.

It can store the solar energy absorbed by the photovoltaic panel in the battery for subsequent use. Specifically, this high-power DC/DC converter can convert the DC voltage output by the photovoltaic panel to a DC voltage suitable for battery charging, thus charging the battery. 

It is reported that this DC/DC converter model DE12KS32A-560S400CA adopts internationally advanced full digital control technology and width modulation technology, with a wide DC voltage input range of 200v ~ 750v and a wide DC voltage output range of 350v ~ 420v, and adopts efficient water cooling, which has the core advantages of fast heat dissipation, stable and reliable operation, complete protection functions and high conversion efficiency. 

  • The specific technical parameters are as follows.
  • Product Model: DE12KS32A-560S400CA
  • Output Power: 12kW
  • Input Voltage Range: DC 200 ~ 750V
  • Output Voltage Range: DC 350~420V.
  • Rated Output Voltage: DC 400V 
  • Efficiency: ≥92% 
  • Type of Cooling: water cooling 
  • Waterproof: IP67 
  • Protection Mode: over-current/short-circuit/over-voltage/under-voltage/over-temperature protection, etc.

It can be seen that this DC/DC converter has high conversion efficiency, which can realize efficient use of energy in a photovoltaic energy storage system and has important application value. 

Moreover, its perfect protection functions, such as input over-voltage protection, output over-current protection and over-temperature protection, and the charging function of constant voltage and constant current intelligent automatic conversion can realize the overcharge protection of the battery, effectively prolong the service life of the battery and improve the stable operation of the energy storage system.