Dilong 800V High Voltage EV Car DCDC Converter


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Dilong 800V High Voltage EV Car DCDC Converter

May 14,2024 | Dilong Charger

Recently, Dilong New Energy officially announced that a new DC/DC converter for electric vehicles was officially released. It is reported that this DC/DC converter adopts advanced all-digital control technology with CAN communication. Its main advantages are power density, conversion efficiency and safety compliance, and it supports the conversion of 800V high voltage to low voltage 12V or 24 V.

More importantly, it can be installed in an electric vehicle supporting 800V high-voltage system, and it can provide power for low-voltage electrical equipment and low-voltage batteries of the whole vehicle by converting 800V high-voltage DC from power batteries into 12V or 24V low-voltage DC.

Dilong 800V EV DC-DC Converter

Technical parameters of DE3KS15-800S14RC vehicle-mounted DC/DC converter:

Rated input voltage: 800Vdc

Input voltage range: 500~950Vdc

Max input current: 5.2A

Rated output voltage: 14Vdc

Output voltage range: 12.6~15.4Vdc

Rated output current: 140A

Rated output power: 2000W

Efficiency: ≥92%

From the above parameters, we can see that this DC/DC converter is suitable for a wider range of DC voltages, supporting 500V~950V DC voltage input and 12.6V~15.4V DC voltage output. Its rated input voltage of 800V is adapted to the output voltage of 800V high-voltage platform electric vehicle power battery, which perfectly solves the problem of low-voltage power supply for electric vehicles with 800V voltage platform.

In addition, it also has perfect protection functions, including over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-temperature protection and fault alarm, etc., and has good isolation between DC input and output, which can meet the on-board safety standards of electric vehicles in many countries and regions, including China, the United States, the European Union and Japan.

In the future, Dilong New Energy Team expects to make further breakthroughs in power density, conversion efficiency, volume and weight and safety level, so as to meet the demand of more than 400 customers around the world for higher product quality.