Dilong Will Launch a 22kW Bidirectional On-board Chargers


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Dilong Will Launch a 22kW Bidirectional On-board Chargers

Jun 25,2024 | Dilong Charger

The bidirectional charging technology has attracted much attention, and Dilong will launch a 22kW high-power bidirectional charger that is compatible with national, European, and American standards!

New energy vehicles have become one of the current trends in social development, and as an important technology in the charging equipment of new energy vehicles, bidirectional charging technology has attracted much attention.

Bidirectional charging technology refers to a technology that can achieve bidirectional energy conversion between electric vehicles and the power grid. This technology can enable electric vehicles to output electrical energy to the power grid, or input electrical energy from the power grid into electric vehicles, achieving bidirectional energy flow. The significance of bidirectional charging technology lies in its ability to effectively balance the power grid load, improve energy utilization efficiency, and increase the flexibility of electric vehicle use.

The core components of a bidirectional charger mainly consist of a charger, inverter, filter, and controller. The charger is responsible for converting the AC input of the power grid into DC output; The inverter realizes the conversion from DC to AC; The filter mainly filters the harmonics in the current to ensure the quality of electrical energy; The controller can accurately measure and control the input and output of electrical energy. The bidirectional charger can input and store the electrical energy from the grid into the battery pack of the electric vehicle according to the needs of the electric vehicle. It can also output electrical energy from the electric vehicle to the grid according to the needs of the grid, and achieve voltage and current balance between the grid and the electric vehicle during the bidirectional energy conversion process.

Bidirectional charging technology can improve the flexibility of electric vehicle usage, reduce user costs, and promote the popularization of electric vehicles. Through bidirectional charging technology, electricity can flow in both directions, allowing for more flexible regulation of grid loads, improving energy utilization, and making electric vehicles an important participant in smart grids. Through intelligent scheduling and energy exchange, it supports the construction and development of smart grids. As an important technology for new energy vehicle charging equipment, bidirectional charging technology has broad application prospects. In the future, with the popularization of new energy vehicles and the development of power grid construction, bidirectional charging technology will play an increasingly important role and make positive contributions to promoting the new energy vehicle industry and smart grid construction.

Dilong New Energy Technology Hebei Co., Ltd., as a leader in the new energy vehicle on-board charger industry, with more than 20 years of profound technical background and forward-looking vision, has set foot on the pulse of industry development and started researching and producing 22kW high-power bidirectional on-board chargers at the most appropriate time. It is compatible with the world's major charging standards IEC 61851, DIN SPEC 70121, ISO 15118, and GB/T 18487-2015, and has the following unique advantages. Supports single-phase and three-phase AC input, with a maximum input power of up to 22kW. High voltage output with a wide range of 200V-850VDC, compatible with power grids in China, Europe, and the United States. It can automatically recognize and adapt to the charging voltage of the electric vehicle battery pack, fully achieve electrical isolation from the low-voltage power supply, have a high waterproof level of IP67, and have the function of temperature detection of the charging gun, high temperature alarm and shutdown. Work safety and reliability.

Equipped with bidirectional power conversion function, it can be applied in application scenarios such as V2G, V2L, V2H, V2V, etc; Equipped with dual CAN communication, multiple machines can be connected in parallel to achieve power level expansion; Equipped with active power factor correction function, with a power factor of ≥ 0.99; Internally integrated DC charging control function, with functions such as input/output overvoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, and communication fault protection. The bidirectional car charger adopts an efficient liquid cooling design, with a conversion efficiency of up to 96%. The output waveform is a pure sine wave, which is compatible with three mainstream charging modes in the world. Compared with traditional unidirectional chargers, the Dilong 22kW bidirectional charger has a higher degree of intelligence and stronger interconnectivity, which can achieve the transmission of electricity from electric vehicles to the grid, the transmission of electricity from electric vehicles to loads, the power supply from electric vehicles to households, and vehicle to vehicle charging. The bi-directional charger products developed by Dilong are of great significance to the construction of smart grid. Using the bi-directional charger technology, distributed energy storage and the construction of energy Internet can be realized, so that new energy vehicles can become beneficial participants in the grid. The power grid can deliver electric energy to electric vehicles through energy storage batteries, and can also connect electric vehicles to the grid to achieve bi-directional flow and dynamic regulation of electric energy.