The 22nd Anniversary Celebration of Dilong Factory


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The 22nd Anniversary Celebration of Dilong Factory

Jul 06,2024 | Dilong Charger

Time flies, and the years are magnificent. In July 2024, Dilong Group ushered in its 22nd anniversary. In the past 22 years, Dilong Group has been adhering to the corporate mission of "providing customers with high-quality power products and services". It has continuously innovated in the field of new energy vehicle power technology, gradually grown and developed in the market, and formed leading technical advantages and good market reputation in the field of on-board chargers (OBC), on-board DCDC converters, and all-in-one vehicle power.

Recalling the past, we have worked together to create good results; looking forward to the future, we will work together to write a new chapter! To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the establishment of Dilong Group, all employees of the company gathered together and specially organized a two-day tour in Jinan and Tai'an, Shandong, to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the company.

During this trip, we traveled through the beautiful pictures of Jinan and Tai'an, visited the clear spring stone upper stream of Baotu Spring, strolled along the rippling blue waves of Daming Lake, challenged the top of Mount Tai, the first of the Five Sacred Mountains, and went deep into the mysterious underground Dragon Palace.

On July 3, 2024, the sun shone on Jinan, and we first stepped into Baotu Spring, known as the "No. 1 Spring in the World". The spring water here seems to be the spirit of the earth, gushing out from the ground, rippling layers of ripples, like a flowing poem. We wandered in the green park, listening to the spring water singing, savoring the unique freshness, and a cup of sweet spring water, which made people intoxicated, as if time was frozen at this moment.

Afterwards, we strolled along Daming Lake, where the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains could be seen. The lake was like a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. The Thousand Buddha Mountain in the distance was looming, and the lotus pond nearby was even more beautiful. The breeze blew on our faces, bringing the freshness of the lake water and the fragrance of flowers, making us feel relaxed and happy. Sitting on the lakeside, feeling the cool breeze, tasting authentic Jinan snacks, the crispy pancakes, the beautiful scenery and delicious food made us linger.

At night, we faced a more severe test - climbing Mount Tai. This towering mountain, like an ancient wise man, quietly tells the vicissitudes of time. We climbed up along the winding mountain road, and every step was on the footprints of history. Although the mountain road was rugged and it was raining heavily, the strength of the team made us fearless. When we stood on the top of Mount Tai the next morning, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the mountains and the rolling clouds, we felt proud and satisfied.

On the other side of Mount Tai, we also explored the mysterious underground Dragon Palace, which is a huge group of caves, a mysterious world with stalactites of various shapes and sizes. We went deep into the cave along the stone steps, feeling the mystery and tranquility of the cave, with gurgling water and lingering echoes, as if we were in a fantastic and ancient mythological world.

This two-day tour of Jinan and Tai'an not only allowed us to appreciate the beauty of natural scenery, but also let us feel the indissoluble bond between the famous ancient female poet Li Qingzhao and the modern novelist Lao She and Jinan. During the journey, we cared for each other, supported each other, and spent an unforgettable trip to Shandong together.

This activity not only enhanced the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the team, but also made us deeply feel the warmth and care of the Dilong company family. In the days to come, we will continue to work hand in hand, climb to the top, and contribute our own strength to the development of the company.

Let's drink together to celebrate today, and never give up until our ambitions are fulfilled. Twenty-two years is both the end of a period of time and a brand new beginning. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Wu and the joint efforts of all employees, Dilong is on the road to becoming the world's leading supplier of new energy vehicle power supplies. We will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services and build a world-renowned Dilong brand. Congratulations to Dilong Group on its 22nd anniversary. Let us continue to work together, make breakthroughs, and write a new chapter for Dilong Group.