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Dilong NewEnergy Team holds outdoor barbecue party

Love each other and enjoy delicious, we are like brothers and create brilliant together! Dilong Power league construction activity BBQ

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Delicious BBQ,Smell a thousand miles away

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In April, There are warm spring flowers, sunny sky and suitable temperature in Dilong Park. In this beautiful day, Dilong New Energy Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. organized all employees of the company to carry out a barbecue group building activity in the afternoon of April 19th, in order to enhance the understanding among the family members of Dilong Power, enhance the team cohesion and build a positive, sunny and happy team culture.

At 17:30 p.m., everyone gathered in the open space in front of the company on time. Every partner was enthusiastic and full of spirit, looking forward to the following eating, drinking and playing.

Then, we grouped by lot in an orderly way, divide to group 1,group 2,group 3, after sufficient brewing and preparation, tug-of-war in the wide open space finally start.

In the game, the players on the field heroic, united struggle, the audience shouted and cheered, the game scene exciting, and difficult to win, the winning team cheer, the failure of the team is not discouraged, come on!

The referee was based on the principle of fairness and justice, and the players followed the principle of "friendship first, competition second". The whole match proceeded in an orderly manner. After the best-of-three series, the fierce competition of endurance and physical strength, the champion was finally born, and the passionate service of the losing team was welcomed.

The tug-of-war competition fully demonstrated the optimistic and striving spirit of the family members of Dilong Power, enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, enhanced the feelings between each other, and played a good role in promoting the rapid development of Dilong power to gather strength.

After a short rest, we have a "blindfolded eating banana game", a blindfolded sitting on a chair, another person blindfolded from a distance to feed bananas, with the referee's password a ring, some of the banana to the competitor, someone always find the wrong position in the circle, someone  ate bananas... During the period, everyone smiles and laughs happily, full of fun.

After that, the president of the company, the manager of the administration department and the technical engineer selected three lucky award winners in the eyes of everyone. They respectively won the air purifier, silk quiltprovided by the company, and everyone was envious.

Spring breeze ten miles, as fragrant! At this time after a variety of spices pickled lamb skewers, chicken wings, sausages, corn, mushrooms and other food in the grill fragrance overflowing, mouth-watering.

Everyone can't wait to take a seat, taste this delicious food, during the period, everyone barbecued skewers, eat seafood, eat fruit, drink beer, talk and laugh together,talk about the future together, gradually forget the trouble, forget the time, this scene immersed, intoxicated, relieve fatigue, enhance friendship and unity, fully experience the fun of collective barbecue skewers life, Add color to work and life.

At the end of the event, the leaders of the company offered cordial condolences to everyone, and raised their glasses to the present moment, to tomorrow, to our common brilliant future, to the wonderful tomorrow of Dilong Power Supply, cheers! Cheers! Cheers!