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6.6kW Series DA6K6M22A on-board charger

Model NO. Series: DA6K6M22A

Input voltage range: 85-264VAC

Output voltage range: 250-450VDC;300-550VDC;


Control: CAN Bus

CoolingAir cooling

IP level: IP67

HVIL functionYes

Liquid cooling pipe: Semi-hardening plastic material

3.3kW series DA3K3M17E OBC

Model NO. Series: DA3K3M17E

Input voltage range: 85-264VAC

Rated output voltage: 48VDC;72VDC;96VDC;150VDC;


Control: CAN Bus

Cooling: Air cooling

IP level: IP67

1.8kW 200-750VDC liquid cooling DC-DC converter

Dimension: 210*122*100mm
Input voltage range: DC200V~750V/DC500V~850V

Output voltageDC14V & DC28V

Cooling: Liquid cooling

Control: CAN Bus

IP level: IP67

Rated power1800W

1kW/1.5kW S9G series natural cooled DCDC converter

Input voltage24VDC, 48VDC, 72VDC, 96VDC, 150VDC, 360VDC

Output voltage14VDC, 28VDC

Cooling: Natural cooling

ControlCAN Bus

IP levelIP67

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