1.8kW 200-750VDC liquid cooling DC-DC converter

Dimension: 210*122*100mm
Input voltage range: DC200V~750V/DC500V~850V

Output voltage: DC14V & DC28V

Cooling :Liquid cooling

Control: CAN Bus

IP level: IP67

Rated power: 1800W


Main Feature:

This is a small size DC-DC converter of 1.8kW. It could be used to charge the small battery on electric boat. Fully digital design, compact small size, reliable quality and giving you great driving pleasure.

High-power, small-size DC/DC converter specially designed for pure electric vehicles. It is easy to integrate with a charger and an electric drive.

Converter with a wide input range, can work in the input voltage 200Vdc to 750Vdc. Solving the problem of selecting different DC converter for different vehicle models and avoid repeated design, to achieve the purpose of universalization and modularization.

Using digital processing technology and CAN communication, the converter can report data to the CAN bus, while accepting CAN bus switch command, achieving real-time control and monitoring of DC converter work status.